So Machine crack


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So Machine crack

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    Song Discussions is protected by U. Please forward this error screen to 82. A four-rotor German Enigma cipher machine made during WW2. This rare machine is thought to have been used in the post-war years for coding diplomatic traffic in Switzerland. The Enigma machine is a piece of spook hardware invented by a German and used by Britain’s codebreakers as a way of deciphering German signals traffic during World War Two.

    It has been claimed that as a result of the information gained through this device, hostilities between Germany and the Allied forces were curtailed by two years. Photo: A four-rotor German Enigma cipher machine made during WW2.

    This rare machine is thought to have been used in the post-war years for coding Swiss diplomatic traffic. Peter Westcombe, founder of the Bletchley Park Trust, explains in detail how the Enigma machine works and how its codes were broken by the code-breakers at Bletchley Park. Fiona Bruce talks to Jean Valentine, a Wren who worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park during the war.

    Fiona Bruce describes the complexity of the Enigma codes and explains how they were cracked by the master code breaker Alan Turing. Simon Greenish, director of Bletchley Park, describes the role that the Bletchley Park code-breakers played in changing the course of the war. Arthur Scherbius, a German engineer, developed his ‘Enigma’ machine, capable of transcribing coded information, in the hope of interesting commercial companies in secure communications. Berlin to manufacture his product.

    Within three years the German navy was producing its own version, followed by the army in 1928 and the air force in 1933. Enigma allowed an operator to type in a message, then scramble it by using three to five notched wheels, or rotors, which displayed different letters of the alphabet. The receiver needed to know the exact settings of these rotors in order to reconstitute the coded text. Over the years the basic machine became more complicated as German code experts added plugs with electronic circuits.

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    Britain and her allies first understood the problems posed by this machine in 1931, when Hans Thilo Schmidt, a German spy, allowed his French spymasters to photograph stolen Enigma operating manuals. Initially, however, neither French nor British cryptanalysts could make headway in breaking the Enigma cipher. It was only after they had handed over details to the Polish Cipher Bureau that progress was made.

    Helped by its closer links to the German engineering industry, the Poles managed to reconstruct an Enigma machine, complete with internal wiring, to read the German forces’ messages between 1933 and 1938. Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, became the centre for Allied efforts to keep up with dramatic war-induced changes in Enigma output.

    Top mathematicians and general problem-solvers were recruited and a bank of early computers, known as ‘bombes’, was built to work out the Enigma’s vast number of settings. TThe Germans were convinced that Enigma output could not be broken, so they used the machine for all sorts of communications on the battlefield, at sea, in the sky and, significantly, within its secret services. The British described any intelligence gained from Enigma as ‘Ultra’, and considered it top secret.

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