Guy Does crack


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Guy Does crack

The latest physical anthropology research indicates that the human evolutionary line never went through a knuckle-walking phase. Be that as it may, we definitely entered, and have yet to exit, a knuckle-cracking phase. Does Knuckle Cracking Lead to Arthritis of the Fingers? The work of sole author Donald Unger was back in the news in early October when he was honored as the recipient of this year’s Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine.


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  • In Unger’s case, I thought about whether his protocol might be evidence that he is obsessive-compulsive. For 50 years, the author cracked the knuckles of his left hand at least twice a day, leaving those on the right as a control. Thus, the knuckles on the left were cracked at least 36,500 times, while those on the right cracked rarely and spontaneously.


    There was no arthritis in either hand, and no apparent differences between the two hands. Evidence for whether the doctor himself was cracked may be that he traveled all the way from his California home to Harvard University to pick up his Ig Nobel Prize in person. Actually other scholarly studies of the phenomenon had been done. Responding to the Unger paper, Robert Swezey, M.

    1975 study—co-authored by his then 12-year-old son in an apparent attempt to get the kid’s grandma to stop the kvetching over the cracking—also found no crack case for arthritis. Blinding would only be possible if the investigator didn’t know left from right. This is not likely since studies indicate that only 31 percent of primary care physicians don’t know left from right. The knuckle kerfuffle reminded me that Stanford University bone development expert David Kingsley got dragged into this field a few years back when his son’s fourth grade class asked him if cracking was bad for you.

    He challenged them to come up with ways to find out while he searched the medical literature. I said that this was a great idea. The only problem was that it might take 20 years. And that was exactly the kind of study that I had been able to find. In fact, two such studies did exist, the Swezey work that used 28 nursing home residents and a 1990 paper that examined 300 outpatients.

    Neither found an increased arthritis incidence among the crackers. So Unger probably could have stopped his study early.

    Nevertheless, he deserves a big hand. Steve Mirsky has been writing the Anti Gravity column since a typical tectonic plate was about 36 inches from its current location. What Is This «Bomb Cyclone» Threatening the U. Scientific American maintains a strict policy of editorial independence in reporting developments in science to our readers.

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    2018 Scientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc. It seems as if the cry of «legalize drugs! Argument 1: «But taking drugs is an individual’s choice. First, we don’t have the right to do anything we want with our body.

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