Crack The Band


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Crack The Band

Despite this, they continue to release albums and perform to a small but devoted fan base to this day. Crack the Sky traces its roots to early seventies bands called Uncle Louie and Sugar. Uncle Louie featured John Palumbo on vocals and Rick Witkowski on guitar, while Sugar featured Joe Macre on bass and Jim Griffiths on guitar. Minogue later said, «They played some of the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life.


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  • Words, as the band was then known, initially a 10-piece band, sized down to five core members. The first incarnation of Crack The Sky included drummer Joey D’Amico, bassist Joe Macre, John Palumbo, Rick Witkowski and Jim Griffiths on guitar. Crack the Sky became the first band to release an album on that label.


    161 on the Billboard chart. Lifesong Records prevented its widespread success. According to Terry Minogue, «Records were promised but never arrived at the distribution centers. The record would be on the radio but there would be no product on the store shelves or visa versa .

    When people wanted it, it would never be available. Baltimore, only because a surplus of records was shipped there and put on display in stores when the album was receiving radio play. Subsequently, the album became very popular in Baltimore. This time, the high concept and lack of «radio singles», due to the band’s disdain for commercial music, contributed to lack of sales.

    The song «We Want Mine» was a slam at Lifesong Records for royalty withholdings. As a result of a breakdown in communications with the band’s record label, and a divergence in creative approaches to the music, Palumbo left the band in 1977 to pursue a solo career. Due to ongoing contractual difficulties with Lifesong, members of Crack The Sky agreed they had no other choice but to disband.

    This record featured a number of the «singles-quality» songs that had earlier proved elusive to the band, including «All American Boy,» «Skin Deep,» «Techni Generation,» and «Hot Razors in My Heart. Techni Generation» saw small airplay in the Pittsburgh area during this time. Billboard’s Top 100 chart in 1984. A notable song from this era is «All Fly Away,» about the fears of nuclear holocaust.

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    Crack the Sky name in 1986. Between then and 1989 this band performed a number of shows in the Baltimore area, including Painters Mill Music Fair. During this time, this lineup performed occasionally in the Baltimore area with Ziegler joining on bass. During this time, Witkowski composed music for a number of game shows on the children’s television network Nickelodeon, including Guts and Figure It Out. Palumbo gathered the band together again in 1996 beginning a series of live shows at small venues in the Baltimore area.

    Crack The Sky continues to perform occasional live shows and collaborate on new music under Palumbo’s guidance. Joe Macre performing in the band and producing the record. In 2008, Joey D’Amico and Joe Macre returned as Crack The Sky’s drummer and bassist, respectively. In addition the band headlined the ROSfest progressive music festival and later a full length DVD of their performance called «Crack The Sky, All Access» was produced and engineered by Macre.

    The DVD was shot on six hi def cameras in 5. 1 surround sound and includes pictures and interviews with the band members.

    5 of the original CTS lineup. Crack The Sky, issued late in 2012. It signals a return of Crack The Sky to it earlier sound. Writer, Palumbo, has either hit a manic phase or is attempting to get our attention via the back door.

    In any event, this remarkable band, once again, shows their ability to shift gears while keeping their artistic integrity intact. CTS continues to perform sporadically, mainly in the Eastern part of the United States. Sometimes the band has a horn section—known as the Crack Pack Horns—accompany them at live shows or on album tracks.

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