Crack для Spin Tires


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Crack для Spin Tires

Please forward this error screen to 5. Read unbiased reviews on Goodyear Tires — Eagle RSA. What do Goodyear customers think about Eagle RSA? Goodyear Tires developed the Eagle RS-A to excel in all conditions, and part of the design is the unique asymmetrical tread design.


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  • Premium sidewall styling adds to the looks of the RSA. Unique asymmetric tread design delivers excellent traction and quiet ride. Premium sidewall styling accents today’s performance cars. Available in a wide range of sizes and speed ratings.


    These are the original tires on my 2007 Acadia. At 60,000 miles they look like they will last 80,000. Not very good in snow or wet. Dry handling is very good. I have not noticed all the road noise as other reviewers have stated.

    At 40K miles I think these are pretty good tires. Still looking good at 48K miles.

    I will likely replace at 55K. I have read the other reviews and all I can say is that you have to take care of these tires. Personally, I’m happy with the Eagle RS-A’s and will buy again. I have nearly 70K so far and will replace soon.

    I have driven in dry, wet, and light snow and am pleased with these tires. I have been reading the reviews for the Goodyear Eagle RS-A and felt compelled to come to the defense of this great tire.

    I purchased a new 2008 Impala SS which had these tires on it from the factory. This tire comes with my Nissan Maxima.

    Tread life is very short as I typically get over 50,000 on a set of tires. These were also very noisy in all types of driving. This is my first set of Goodyear Tires.

    Price was the deciding factor, but unfortunately these tires did not last long at all. My car has only 20,000 miles and I’ve had the tires rotated three times. Two of these Eagle RSA’s are bald and a third is starting to shred on the sidewall.

    HORRIBLE in the ice and snow. That has been diminishing some what. Even with proper rotation things still wore before 20k. Looking to replace all four. I have 18,000 miles on them now, and let me tell you, they are very noisy.

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