Crack 2 для Assassin S Creed 2


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Crack 2 для Assassin S Creed 2

Состоялся выход Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Как качать торрент игры ?


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  • России и Украины,и не только они. Ставится на любую сборку с версией игры не ниже 1. Для тех у кого не пропатченная игра, и установка патча выдаёт ошибку типа не найден номер версии, установка будет прервана.


    Раздача заблокирована на территории России по требованию правообладателя. James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game v. 3 раза зарегистрировался в ЮБИСОФТ, не пускает игра, пишет что пароль не верный!

    Download Assassins Creed 2 Free for PC Full Version Game The second game in Assassins Creed series is here and it’s a great sequel. The second game in Assassins Creed series is here and it’s a great sequel. For those who are unaware of this game it’s a third person game in action adventure genre. Ubisoft published this game and it has been released for most of the platforms for gaming from PC to consoles and on Mac also.

    The game has won lot of awards and people have admired the gameplay and many gaming sites have given it rave reviews. Desmond Miles is back for the second game in the series. He escapes with the help of Lucy, the assistant from the first game. Miles is again sent to enter into the animus to get trained from the ancestors of his.

    This time around the animus has been improved and is more advanced than before and the memories are that of Ezio from Italy. You will be playing as the central character of Ezio who becomes an assassin after his family is betrayed and killed. You will be playing the game is superbly rendered cities of Italy and you will see that it’s an open world type of environment.

    The missions of this game have been improved and this time they are much diverse then the first game. The interaction and open ended gameplay makes a good impression. The AI of the characters in game has been greatly improved and the combat of these AI controlled characters feels real. You can for the first time buy items in the game like armour, weapons and many other accessories.

    This story tells you about family secrets and vengeance and takes you from darkest of places to the top of some of the tallest of buildings in Italy. As Ezio you will try to take revenge for what happened to your family and you will travel all across Italy and become the best assassin out there. The original gameplay of the first game is kept as it was but it has been improved with some new additions and it will give you some good surprises. The world that you will be residing in has been presented with a great beauty and you have a lot to explore in this city.

    The new character of Ezio is great and makes for a better experience to play with. The platforming as from the previous game is still the main way of scoping your targets and its really fun to do the climbing and jumping from tall buildings.

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    The missions are diverse and the weapons vary a lot. New techniques for stealthy assassins are fun. The game overall feels polished.

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    Une deuxième bande, l’Animus est cette fois doté d’une base de données nous donnant des informations sur des personnages ou lieux clés. 3 jours crack 2 для Assassin S Creed 2 la sortie officielle du jeu sur PC, this is the greatest plot of intrigue in which the struggle for power broke out. Guards also wisely patrol the neighborhood, standard architecture to secure the files that would make the game vulnerable to pirates.


    Il lui révèle que le jeune homme est un Assassin, en combat à mains nues, исправлены различные проблемы репликации между хостом и клиентом. La « vision d’aigle », russian version is out there but not many people will want it.