A crack Up


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A crack Up

He claims that he was in a train wreck. Steele, unsure himself what happened, relates the bizarre events leading up to the present. Steele receives an urgent telephone call informing him that his mother has been taken to a hospital. About forty minutes later, Steele watches helplessly as another train crashes head on with his.


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  • Cochrane reveals that Steele’s mother was never taken to the hospital. Anxious to avoid a scandal, Barton pleads with Cochrane not to arrest the man. Stevenson, the curator and Steele’s friend, and Dr.


    Cochrane he wants Steele freed, with detectives discreetly following him, as he is uncertain if Steele is involved. Steele is released but is fired by Barton at the direction of the museum board because of his alleged mental instability. Steele sets out the reenact the train ride, hoping to gain some clue of what is going on. He finds out that a drunk was taken off at the next station by two men and believes the supposed drunk was actually himself.

    He informs Stevenson of his discovery. Steele begins to suspect that the Gainsborough supposedly lost in a fire at sea was actually a fake. Later, Stevenson calls Steele to tell him he has discovered that the fire was not an accident and to meet him in the museum vault that night. When Steele arrives, however, he finds Stevenson dead.

    Seen standing over the body by an employee, he flees. Although both Traybin and Terry plead with him to turn himself in, Steele is determined to exonerate himself. He coerces Barton to meet him and confirms that the Gainsborough «lost» was indeed a forgery and was destroyed to conceal the existence and theft of the original.

    Dürer painting to London has been unexpectedly advanced. Steele sneaks aboard the ship where he finds a fire burning in the bonded cargo hold. He removes the painting from its frame to save it, only to discover he has been locked in. The ship’s crew arrive to put out the fire, followed by Traybin and Cochcrane, who spots Steele.

    Terry picks him up in her car. Terry persuades Mary, Barton’s secretary, to arrange for Steele to X-ray the painting, which he confirms is a copy. However, as he, Terry and Mary are leaving, he is knocked out and Mary pulls a gun on Terry. Terry and the punchy Steele are taken to the estate of Dr.

    Lowell, who is behind the thefts and forgeries. He explains to Terry that, as a frustrated art lover, he could never have acquired such fabulous works legitimately. Steele to assure himself that Steele did not tell the police, the technique he also used to make Steele believe he was in a train wreck. Lowell waits for a passing scheduled train to mask the sound of gunshots, but Traybin and Cochrane intervene, shooting Lowell just before he can kill Steele.

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